Save Our Sacrament - To The Vatican And Rota

To the Vatican and the Roman Rota


We find that most Tribunal judges in the United States rule favorably on the Petitioner's request to nullify the sacrament without pastoral or due consideration of the Respondent's defense of marriage. The current annulment process forces Respondents to defend their sacrament when they neither want an annulment nor want to be any part of the annulment process. As such, the annulment process is abusive to Respondents.


SOS requests the U.S. Tribunals to adopt the following practices:


1. Treat Respondents respectfully and pastorally.

Respondents who defend their sacrament of marriage in the annulment process are to be accorded all rights granted by the Church. Respectfully listen to these women and men as they respond to the petition before them and clearly provide all information they need to participate in the process. Welcome their questions and assure them of your assistance.


2. Meet with Respondents.

Every U.S. Tribunal Judge must ensure that an advocate meet with the Respondent in a timely manner. Recommend that seminarians and canon law students to meet with and listen to Respondents in order to understand the impact of annulment on those defending their marriage.


3. Stop Annulling Non-Catholic Marriages.

The annulment process is destructive to the ecumenical progress between the Catholic Church and other faiths. Protestants and other non-Catholics are abused by the Catholic annulment system that demeans non-Catholic marriages.


4. Offer the Informed-Conscience, or Internal Forum Process as an alternative

Acting according to one's informed conscience is at the very core of the Catholic faith.

SOS recommends that U.S. Tribunals offer the Internal Forum (the 'in good conscience solution') to divorced Catholics wishing to marry in the Church as a valid alternative to the External Forum (annulment).


5. SOS requests that the Vatican Catholic Church adopt the Greek Orthodox Practice of 'oikonomia'

SOS requests that the Vatican Catholic Church adopt the practice of 'oikonomia', see:


6. SOS link

SOS requests that every Respondent seen in U.S. tribunals be given the email link- reference to this SOS website.

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